Shopping Places in Goa

Goa is the best shopping destination in India, not because of the foreigner crowd but the attractive night and flea markets packed with the unique items. But not just the antique items, the food and energetic environment with great musical ambience. This is the specialty of shopping in Goa which attracts not just Indian shoppers & travelers but also the foreigners from all over the world.

Shopping in Goa – Street Markets in Goa

Anjuna Flea Market (Every Wednesday)

A one stop massive shopping market in Goa, Anjuna flea market is a must to go shopping place of Goa where you can buy from a wide range of items at very reasonable price – from fashionable jewelry items to cloths, fruits to local foods, electronic devices, musical instruments, crafts, trinkets, carvings, and some second hands items as well. Anjuna famous flea market is well known as Goa Wednesday Night Market where you should definitely visit during Goa trip.

You’ll also see the group of Hippies in search of some trance music and late night parties at Anjuna beach near wonderful open flea bazaar. So I must suggest you to spend some time at this prominent night market to feel some of the best local shopping experience of this beautiful place . And don’t forget, Anjuna Beach is also one of the top 10 tourist places in Goa, so you have now all the reasons to visit this famous Goa night market.

Calangute Market Square (Famous Saturday Market)

Located near Calangute beach, Calangute Market Square is one of the most crowded and top visited shopping destinations in Goa. This market is fully packed with various kinds of shopping stores & stalls which highlight the perfect picture of Goa shopping. You can purchase wide range of items from this well-known Saturday market such as trinkets, embroidery carpets, beach dresses, Indian famous traditional handicrafts, metal crafts, and lots of stuff which shows the art and culture of Goa lifestyle.

You can also buy here fresh fish, seafood, and meat if you wanna stay in Goa for long; and also can taste some mouth watering delicious cuisines from street food stall to traditional restaurants in Calangute Market.

And one more thing, if you have good experience of bargaining with your local shopkeeper; then it is the right place for cheap shopping in Goa! :):)

Mapusa Market

Well known as Mapusa Friday market, Goa Mapusa market is very famous for the variety of shopping in Goa. However this market opens all days except Sunday, but if you want to see the attractiveness of the market then visit here on Friday. Whole market is packed with temporary roadside stalls as well as local retailing shops which usually sales daily used products such as spice, carpets, jewellery, glass bangles, vegetables, fish, fancy items, colorful bottles for home decoration, and some homemade products like pottery.

However, don’t expect much luxurious experience in Mapusa square as this market is one of the busiest and oldest shopping markets in Goa. But you should definitely take a break to visit this place, as there is lot of antique things to buy at cheap prices.

Baga Beach Market (Saturday Night Flea Market)

Baga Beach is not only one of the most vibrant nightlife places in Goa, but also a must to visit evening shopping market in Goa. However, Saturday night is the most visiting day of the week in Baga night market but the best thing is that you can visit here anytime except monsoon; the same bars, food stalls, and musical clubs will be there to entertain you! Apart from spectacular nightlife experience, Baga beach market is also an ideal place among local shopping hunters in Goa.

So if you are addicted to buy handmade products prepared by natural materials, Baga beach street market is must to go place in Goa. Cloths, jewelry, bric-a-brac, souvenirs, and especially leather products are the specialty of Goa Saturday flea market. And one more thing, it is the right place for youngsters too who wanna try some funky haircuts. This is the most tried experience among travelers who spend more time at Baga beach for sports, night parties, and some good time 🙂

Ingo’s Saturday Night Market Arpora

Arpora Saturday Night Market – This is absolutely what you’ll love to call it a Saturday Night! Indeed, Ingo’s night bazaar (market) is the main center of attraction among shoppers e.g. you can assume the popularity of this entertaining spot among Goa travelers, as the numbers of travel agencies has started to provide special trip to Ingo’s market. It has increased its attractiveness more than any other local market in Goa.

This magical place wake up very early in evening from 5 PM and remains energetic till very late night. A wide range of products can be purchased from this Saturday market including clothing, jewellery, fashion apparels, and all other accessories.

This market is also completely filled with food stalls, road side restaurants, and bandstand with live music. So it is not just a place for fabulous shopping, but also an ideal place for hangout. Just plan any evening and must go there for shop, eat, and killing time.

Apart from above these, there are also some other popular markets as well where you should visit in search of different types of shopping, such as-

  • Mackie’s Night Market
  • Panjim Market
  • Margao Market
  • Vasco’s Municipal Market
  • Caculo Shopping Mall
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